Fully Compliant

Cyprus is among the member states that have enacted the directive’s provisions into national law and completed all the necessary steps for implementation.

Less red-tape for patients

The Directive covers all healthcare providers in the EU. Seeking prior authorization should be the exception rather than the rule.

Procedural Guarantees

All patients are entitled to properly reasoned decisions, and to appeal if they feel their rights have not been respected.

See for yourself!

See for yourself!

What to Know before You Go

Plan your trip thoroughly
Check the financials with your National Contact Point
Make sure you get the medical follow-up you need
Your right to have costs covered
Equal rights across Europe

Why Cyprus?

Excellent Facilities

With state-of-the-art equipment providing quality assured services, in accordance with international standards


Professional, multilingual environment and interpretation services

Flexible Timetable

Available treatments to YOUR timetable, avoiding long waiting lists


Meet and accompany patients and accompanying person on arrival

Low Prices

Cyprus offers a very high standard of care and treatment at affordable prices

Let us help you find healthcare providers specific to your treatment needs

Free Service • No Obligation • Quick & Easy